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How to Start Saving the World

If you're reading this, you probably just finished reading We the Future. Great! That means you've already gotten started. Just think about it: How many history-makers began their journey by picking up the right book? Now that you've charged up your mind with a little knowledge, you're ready to plug yourself into the work that real young activists are already doing around the world. Below you'll find a some groups you might consider joining and some ways that you can keep learning more. LET'S GO!

Sunrise Movement

Many characters and actions in We the Future were directly inspired by the Sunrise Movement. They were even the inspiration for Sunny's name. Why? Because, of all of the great youth-led climate activism groups in the U.S., Sunrise is perhaps the most passionate and best organized. If you're ready to share some of your time and your story, Sunrise will find a way to get you involved—either in one of their 100+ local hubs or in some of their virtual volunteer opportunities


Fridays for Future

Fridays for Future started when one kid held the world's first school climate strike—all by herself. The kid was Greta Thunberg, and her one-girl strike quickly grew into a worldwide movement. Fridays for Future is now a global organization that provides detailed tips for how to hold your own strike (even if you can't literally leave the school) and even maintains a map of where upcoming strikes are happening around the world. Put your town on the map!

Keep Reading

We the Future may have been the first time you've read a book about the climate crisis. It won't have to be the last!  


This is a super informative and soulful nonfiction book about how people can organize themselves to fight for a cleaner, safer future. 


Like We the Future,

Two Degrees is a thriller that will help you learn about the climate crisis while keeping you at the edge of your seat.


Addy and five other Black city kids face the climate crisis when an historic wildfire collides with their wilderness camp expereince.

Climate YouTube

I haven't found any cartoon zombie climate explainers like the one Jonah watched in We the Future, but YouTube has some great content about the crisis and what people can do.

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